Subject List

Course: Semester: Year Started:

Code Name Syllabus
AE3_AM-III_BE13 Applied Mathematics-III Details
AE3_AM-III_BE17 Applied Mathematics III Details
AE3_CAMCD_BE13 Computer Aided M/C Drawing Details
AE3_CAMD_BE17 Computer Aided Machine Drawing Details
AE3_DBIRS_BE13 Data Base & Information Retrieval System Details
AE3_MSP-I_BE13 Machine Shop Practice-I Details
AE3_MSP-I_BE17 Machineshop Practice I Details
AE3_MT_BE17 Material Technology Details
AE3_PBL_BE13 Project Based Learning Details
AE3_PBL_BE17 PBL Details
AE3_PP-I_BE13 Production Process-I Details
AE3_PP-I_BE17 Production Process I Details
AE3_SOM_BE13 Strength of Materials Details
AE3_SOM_BE17 Strength of Materials Details
AE3_SOM_Tuts_BE17 SOM Tutorials Details
AE3_TD_BE13 Thermodynamics Details
AE3_THERMO_BE17 Thermodynamics Details
AE4_AM-IV_BE13 Applied Mathematics-IV Details
AE4_AM-IV_BE17 Applied Mathematics IV Details
AE4_DBIR_BE17 Data Base and Information Retrival Details
AE4_FM_BE13 Fluid Mechanics Details
AE4_FM_BE17 Fluid Mechanics Details
AE4_FMTutes_BE13 Fluid Mechanics Tutorials Details
AE4_FM-Tuts_BE17 Fluid Mechanics Tutorials Details
AE4_IE_BE13 Industrial Electronics Details
AE4_IE_BE17 Industrial Electronics Details
AE4_KOM_BE17 Kinematics of Machinery Details
AE4_MSP-II_BE13 Machine Shop Practice-II Details
AE4_MSP-II_BE17 Machine Shop Practice II Details
AE4_MT_BE13 Material Technology Details
AE4_PBL_BE13 Project Based Learning Details
AE4_PBL_BE17 PBL Details
AE4_PP-II_BE13 Production Process-II Details
AE4_PP-II_BE17 Production Process II Details
AE4_TOM-I_BE13 Theory of Machines-I Details
AE5_AutoSystems_BE18 Automotive Systems Details
AE5_BCE_BE14 Business Communication and Ethics Details
AE5_BCE_BE18 Business Communication and Ethics Details
AE5_DJF_BE18 Design of Jigs and Fixtures Details
AE5_HT_BE14 Heat Transfer Details
AE5_HT_BE18 Heat Transfer Details
AE5_ICE_BE14 I C Engines Details
AE5_ICE_BE18 Internal Combustion Engine Details
AE5_MMC_BE18 Mechanical Measurments and Control Details
AE5_MQE_BE14 Metrology and Quality Engineering Details
AE5_MSL_BE18 Manufacturing Science Lab Details
AE5_MSTD_BE18 Machining Sciences and Tool Design Details
AE5_PBL_BE14 Project Based Learning Details
AE5_PP-III_BE14 Production Process-III Details
AE5_PTD_BE18 Press Tool Design Details
AE5_TOM-II_BE14 Theory of Machines-II Details
AE6_AM_BE18 Automotive Materials Details
AE6_AS_BE14 Automotive System Details
AE6_CBE_BE18 Chassis and Body Engineering Details
AE6_FEA_BE14 Finite Element Analysis Details
AE6_FEA_BE18 Finite Element Analysis Details
AE6_MCTRX_BE18 Mechatronics Details
AE6_MD-I_BE14 Machine Design-I Details
AE6_MD-I_BE18 Machine Design - I Details
AE6_MV_BE14 Mechanical Vibrations Details
AE6_MV_BE18 Mechanical Vibrations Details
AE6_MVTutes_BE14 Mechanical Vibrations Tutorials Details
AE6_MV-TUTS_BE18 Mechanical Vibrations - Tutorials Details
AE6_OR_BE14 Operations Research Details
AE6_PBL_BE14 Project Based Learning Details
AE6_PBL_BE18 Project Based Learning Details
AE6_ROBO_BE18 Robotics Details
AE6_TFPE_BE14 Thermal and Fluid Power Engineering Details
AE7_AD_BE15 Automotive Design Details
AE7_AD_BE19 Automotive Design Details
AE7_AES_BE15 AES Details
AE7_AES_BE19 Automotive Embedded Systems Details
AE7_AUTOTR_BE19 Autotronics Details
AE7_CBE_BE15 Chassis Body Engineering Details
AE7_CSL_BE19 Cyber Security and Laws Details
AE7_MIS_BE19 Management Information System Details
AE7_OR_BE19 Operation Research Details
AE7_PDD_BE15 Product Design and Development Details
AE7_PROJ-I_BE15 Project-I Details
AE7_TMMI_BE15 Transportation Management Motor Industry Details
AE8_AT_BE15 Autotronics Details
AE8_AutoW_BE19 Automotive Workshop Details
AE8_AutoWTut_BE19 Automotive Workshop tutorial Details
AE8_HEFCV_BE19 Hybrid Electric and Fuel cell Vehicles Details
AE8_PM_BE15 Project Management Details
AE8_PROJ-II_BE15 Project-II Details
AE8_VD_BE15 Vehicle Dynamics Details
AE8_VD_BE19 Vehicle Dynamics Details
AE8_VM_BE15 Vehicle Maintenance Details
AE8_VM_BE19 Vehicle Maintenance Details
AE8_VS_BE15 Vehicle Safety Details
AE8_VS_BE19 Vehicle Safety Details
CC1_CAD_ME16 Computer Aided Design Details
CC1_CE_ME16 Control Engineering Details
CC1_LAB_I_CAD_ME16 Laboratory I - CAD and Computer Aided Engineering Details
CC1_LAB_II_MR_ME16 Laboratory II - Mechatronics and Robotics Details
CC1_MCTRX_ME16 Mechatronics Details
CC1_PD_ME16 Product Design Details
CC2_AMT_ME16 Advanced Manufacturing Technology Details
CC2_CAM_ME12 Computer Aided Machining Details
CC2_CAM_ME16 Computer Aided Machining (CAM) Details
CC2_LAB_III_CAM_ME12 Laboratory III - CAM Details
CC2_LAB_III_CAM_ME16 Laboratory III –CAM Details
CC2_LAB_IV_RM_ME16 Laboratory IV - Rapid Manufacturing Details
CC2_LAB-IV_MR_ME12 Laboratory IV - Mechatronics & Robotics Details
CC2_OPTIMIZATION_ME12 Optimization Details
CC2_PLM_ME12 Product Lifecycle Management Details
CC2_ROBOTICS_ME12 Robotics Details
CC2_ROBOTICS_ME16 Robotics Details
CC2_SM_ME16 Smart Materials Details
CC2_SMA_ME12 Smart Materials and Applications Details
CS1_AAC_ME12 Advanced Algorithms and Complexity Details
CS1_AAC_ME16 Algorithm & Complexity Details
CS1_ACND_ME16 Advance Computer Network and Design Details
CS1_ADBD_ME12 Advanced Data Base Design Details
CS1_AOS_ME16 Advanced Operating Systems Details
CS1_CL-I_ME16 Computational Laboratory-I Details
CS1_DECL-I_ME16 DEC Laboratory-I Details
CS1_DMMM_ME16 Disaster Management & Mitigation Measures Details
CS1_EBT_ME12 E-Business Technology Details
CS1_LAB_I_OS_ME12 Laboratory I –Open Source Details
CS1_LAB_II_AAC_ME12 Laboratory II – Advanced Algorithms and Complexity Lab Details
CS1_NDM_ME12 Network Design and Management Details
CS1_NLP_ME16 Natural Language Processing Details
CS1_PC_ME12 Parallel Computing Details
CS2_AOS_ME12 Advanced Operating System Details
CS2_CL-II_ME16 Computational Laboratory-II Details
CS2_CS_ME12 Cyber Security Details
CS2_DECL-II_ME16 DEC Laboratory-II Details
CS2_DMBI_ME12 Decision Making and Adaptive Business Intelligence Details
CS2_DS_ME16 Data Science Details
CS2_EHDF_ME16 Ethical Hacking and Digital Forensics Details
CS2_HPC_ME16 High performance Computing Details
CS2_ICTSC_ME16 ICT for Social cause Details
CS2_IR_ME12 Information Retrieval Details
CS2_LAB_I_OS_ME12 Laboratory I –Open Source Details
CS2_LAB_II_CS_ME12 Laboratory II –Cyber Security and Decision Making and Adaptive Business Intelligence Details
CS2_UC_ME12 Ubiquitous Computing Details
CS3_AM-III_BE13 Applied Mathematics III Details
CS3_AM-III_BE17 Applied Mathematics-III Details
CS3_DLDA_BE13 Digital Logic Design and Analysis Details
CS3_DLDA_BE17 Digital Logic Design and Analysis Details
CS3_DM_BE17 Discrete Mathematics Details
CS3_DS_BE13 Data Structures Details
CS3_DS_BE17 Data Structures Details
CS3_DST_BE13 Discrete Structures Details
CS3_ECCF_BE13 Electronic Circuits and Communication Fundamentals Details
CS3_ECCF_BE17 Electronic Circuits and Communication Fundamentals Details
CS3_OOPM_BE13 Object Oriented Programming Methodolgy Details
CS3_OOPM-Java-Lab_BE17 Java Programming Lab Details
CS3_PBL_BE13 Project Based Learning Details
CS3_PBL_BE17 Project Based Learning Details
CS4_AM-IV_BE13 Applied Mathematics IV Details
CS4_AM-IV_BE17 Applied Mathematics-IV Details
CS4_AOA_BE13 Analysis of Algorithm & Design Details
CS4_AOA_BE17 Analysis of Algorithms Details
CS4_CG_BE13 Computer Graphics Details
CS4_CG_BE17 Computer Graphics Details
CS4_COA_BE13 Computer Organization and Architecture Details
CS4_COA_BE17 Computer Organization and Architecture Details
CS4_DBMS_BE13 Data Base Management systems Details
CS4_OS_BE17 Operating System Details
CS4_OSTL_BE17 Open Source Tech Lab Details
CS4_PBL_BE13 Project Based Learning Details
CS4_PBL_BE17 PBL Details
CS4_TCS_BE13 Theoretical Computer Science Details
CS5_AA_BE18 Advance Algorithm Details
CS5_AOS_BE18 Advance Operating System Details
CS5_BCE_BE14 Business Communication and Ethics Details
CS5_BCE_BE18 Business Comm. & Ethics Details
CS5_CN_BE14 Computer Networks Details
CS5_CN_BE18 Computer Network Details
CS5_DBMS_BE18 Database Management System Details
CS5_MP_BE14 Microprocessor Details
CS5_MP_BE18 Microprocessor Details
CS5_MS_BE18 Multimedia System Details
CS5_OS_BE14 Operating Systems Details
CS5_PBL_BE14 Project Based Learning Details
CS5_PBL_BE18 Project Based Learning Details
CS5_SOOAD_BE14 Structured and Object Oriented Analysis and Design Details
CS5_TCS_BE18 Theory of Computer Science Details
CS5_WDL_BE18 Web Design Lab Details
CS5_WT_BE14 Web Technologies Laboratory Details
CS6_ACN_BE18 Advance Computer Network Details
CS6_ADBMS_BE18 Advance Database System Details
CS6_CSS_BE18 Cryptography & System Security Details
CS6_DD_BE14 Distributed Databases Details
CS6_DWM_BE18 Data Warehousing & Mining Details
CS6_ERP_BE18 Enterprise Resource Planning Details
CS6_MCC_BE14 Mobile Communication and Computing Details
CS6_ML_BE18 Machine Learning Details
CS6_MPROJ_BE18 Mini-Project Details
CS6_NPL_BE14 Network Programming Laboratory Details
CS6_PBL_BE14 Project Based Learning Details
CS6_PBL_BE18 Project Based Learning Details
CS6_SE_BE14 Software Engineering Details
CS6_SE_BE18 Software Engineering Details
CS6_SPCC_BE14 System Programming and Compiler Construction Details
CS6_SPCC_BE18 System Programming & Complier Construction Details
CS6_SPM_BE14 Software Project Management Details
CS7_AI_BE15 Artificial Intelligence Details
CS7_AISC_BE19 Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Details
CS7_ASSDF_BE19 Advance System Security and Digital Forensics Details
CS7_BDA_BE19 Big Data and Analytics Details
CS7_CompLab_BE19 Computational Lab-I Details
CS7_CSL_BE19 Cyber Security and Laws Details
CS7_CSS_BE15 Cryptography and System Security Details
CS7_DSIP_BE19 Digital Signal and Image Processing Details
CS7_DSP_BE15 Digital Signal Processing Details
CS7_IP_BE15 Image Processing Details
CS7_MCC_BE19 Mobile Communication and Computing Details
CS7_MIS_BE19 Management Information System Details
CS7_NTAL_BE15 Network Threats and Attacks Laboratory Details
CS7_PROJ-I_BE15 Project I Details
CS7_PROJ-I_BE19 Project I Details
CS8_BDA_BE15 Big Data Analystics Details
CS8_CCL_BE15 Cloud Computing Laboratory Details
CS8_CCL_BE19 Cloud Computing Lab Details
CS8_CompLab2_BE19 Computational Lab-II Details
CS8_DC_BE19 Distributed Computing Details
CS8_DF_BE15 Digital Forensic Details
CS8_DWM_BE15 Data Warehousing and Mining Details
CS8_HMI_BE15 Human Machine Interaction Details
CS8_HMI_BE19 Human Machine Interaction Details
CS8_HPC_BE19 High Performance Computing Details
CS8_NLP_BE19 Natural Language Processing Details
CS8_PDS_BE15 Parallel and Distributed Systems Details
CS8_PROJ-II_BE15 Project-II Details
ET3_AE-I_BE13 Analog Electronics-I Details
ET3_AM-III_BE13 Applied Mathematics-III Details
ET3_AM-III_BE17 Applied Mathematics-III Details
ET3_CTL_BE13 Circuits and Transmission Lines Details
ET3_CTN_BE17 Circuit Theory and Networks Details
ET3_DE_BE13 Digital Electronics Details
ET3_DSD_BE17 Digital System Design Details
ET3_EDC-I_BE17 Electronic Devices and Circuits I Details
ET3_EIC_BE17 Electronic Instrumentation and Control Details
ET3_EIC-Tuts_BE17 EIC Tutorial Details
ET3_EIM_BE13 Electronic Instruments and Measurements Details
ET3_OOP-Java-Lab_BE17 OOP using JAVA Laboratory Details
ET3_OOPM_BE13 Object Oriented Programming Methodology Details
ET3_PBL_BE13 Project Based Learning Details
ET4_AE-II_BE13 Analog Electronics-II Details
ET4_AM-IV_BE13 Applied Mathematics-IV Details
ET4_AM-IV_BE17 Applied Mathematics IV Details
ET4_CS_BE13 Control Sysstems Details
ET4_EDC-II_BE17 Electronic Devices and Circuits II Details
ET4_LIC_BE17 Linear Integrated Circuits Details
ET4_MP_BE13 Microprocessor and Peripherals Details
ET4_PBL_BE13 Project Based Learning Details
ET4_PBL_BE17 PBL Details
ET4_PCE_BE17 Principles of Communication Engineering Details
ET4_SAS_BE17 Signals and Systems Details
ET4_SS_BE13 Signals and Systems Details
ET4_SSWL_BE13 SSW Laboratory Details
ET4_WTP_BE13 Wave Theory and Propagation Details
ET5_AC_BE14 Analog Communication Details
ET5_BCE_BE14 Business Communication and Ethics Details
ET5_BCOME_BE18 Business Communication & Ethics Lab Details
ET5_CEL-I_BE14 Communication Engineering Laboratory I Details
ET5_CEL-II_BE14 Communication Engineering Laboratory II Details
ET5_DC_BE18 Digital Communication Details
ET5_DCE_BE18 Data Compression and Encryption Details
ET5_DTSP_BE18 Discrete Time Signal Processing Details
ET5_EE_BE18 Electromagnetic Engineering Details
ET5_EET_BE18 Electromagnetic Engineering Tutorial Details
ET5_IC_BE14 Integrated Circuits Details
ET5_MA_BE14 Microcontrollers and Applications Details
ET5_MAL_BE14 Microcontrollers and Applications Laboratory Details
ET5_MP_BE18 Microprocessor & Peripherals Interfacing Details
ET5_MPRO-I_BE14 Mini Project I Details
ET5_OSTCL_BE18 Open Source Technology for Communication Lab Details
ET5_PBL_BE14 Project Based Learning Details
ET5_RFMA_BE14 RF Modeling and Antennas Details
ET5_RSA_BE14 Random Signal Analysis Details
ET5_TVE_BE18 TV & Video Engineering Details
ET6_ARWP_BE18 Antenna & Radio Wave Propagation Details
ET6_CCN_BE18 Computer Communication Networks Details
ET6_CCTN_BE14 Computer Communication and Telecom Networks Details
ET6_CEL-III_BE14 Communication Engineering Laboratory III Details
ET6_CEL-IV_BE14 Communication Engineering Laboratory IV Details
ET6_DBMS_BE18 Database Management System Details
ET6_DCOM_BE14 Digital Communication Details
ET6_DTSP_BE14 Discrete Time Signal Processing Details
ET6_IP_BE18 Image Processing and Machine Vision Details
ET6_MCA_BE18 Microcontrollers & Applications Details
ET6_MPRO-II_BE14 Mini Project II Details
ET6_OS_BE14 Operating Systems Details
ET6_PBL_BE14 Project Based Learning Details
ET6_PBL_BE18 Project Based Learning Details
ET6_TVE_BE14 Television Engineering Details
ET6_VLSID_BE14 VLSI Design Details
ET7_ACEL-I_BE15 Advanced Communication Engineering. Laboratory I Details
ET7_ACEL-II_BE15 Advanced Communication Engineering. Laboratory II Details
ET7_CSL_BE19 Cyber Security and Laws Details
ET7_DCE_BE15 Data Compression and Encryption Details
ET7_ES_BE19 Embedded System Details
ET7_ICE_BE19 Internet Communication Engineering Details
ET7_IVP_BE15 Image and Video Processing Details
ET7_MC_BE15 Mobile Communication Details
ET7_MCS_BE19 Mobile Communication System Details
ET7_ME_BE19 Microwave Engineering Details
ET7_MIS_BE19 Management Information System Details
ET7_MRE_BE15 Microwave and Radar Engineering Details
ET7_OC_BE19 Optical Communication Details
ET7_OCN_BE15 Optical Communication and Networks Details
ET7_OR_BE19 Operation Research Details
ET7_PROJ-I_BE15 Project I Details
ET8_IVC_BE15 Internet and Voice Communication Details
ET8_NMT_BE19 Network management in Telecommunication Details
ET8_PROJ-II_BE15 Project-II Details
ET8_RFD_BE19 RF Design Details
ET8_SC_BE19 Satellite Communication Details
ET8_SCN_BE15 Satellite Communication and Networks Details
ET8_SP_BE15 Speech Processing Details
ET8_TNM_BE15 Telecom Network Management Details
ET8_WN_BE15 Wireless Networks Details
ET8_WN_BE19 Wireless Networks Details
EX2_ADSPIP_ME12 Applications of DSP and IP Details
EX2_ANT_ME12 Advance Networking Technologies Details
EX2_APA_ME12 Advance Processor Architecture Details
EX2_LAB-III_ME12 Laboratory III Details
EX2_LAB-IV_ME12 Laboratory IV Details
EX2_MSVHDL_ME12 Modeling and Synthesis with VHDL Details
EX2_PEDD_ME12 Power Electronic Devices and Design Details
EX3_AM-III_BE13 Applied Mathematics III Details
EX3_AM-III_BE17 Applied Mathematics III Details
EX3_CT_BE13 Circuit Theory Details
EX3_DCD_BE13 Digital Circuits and Design Details
EX3_DCD_BE17 Digital Circuit Design Details
EX3_ED_BE13 Electronic Devices Details
EX3_EDC-I_BE17 Electronic Devices and Circuits I Details
EX3_EIM_BE13 Electronic Instruments and Measurements Details
EX3_EIM_BE17 Electronics Instruments and Measurement Details
EX3_ENAS_BE17 Electrical Network Analysis and Synthesis Details
EX3_OOPM_BE13 Object Oriented Programming Methodology Laboratory Details
EX3_OOPML_BE17 Object Oriented Programming Methodology Laboratory Details
EX3_PBL_BE13 Project Based Learning Details
EX4_AIPELAB_BE17 Advanced Instrumentation and Power Electronics Laboratory Details
EX4_AM-IV_BE13 Applied Mathematics IV Details
EX4_AM-IV_BE17 Applied Mathematics IV Details
EX4_DEC_BE13 Discrete Electronic Circuits Details
EX4_DSD_BE17 Digital System Design Details
EX4_EDC-II_BE17 Electronic Devices and Circuits II Details
EX4_EM_BE13 Electrical Machines Details
EX4_FCE_BE13 Fundamentals of Communication Engineering Details
EX4_LCS_BE17 Linear Control Systems Details
EX4_LCS-Tuts_BE17 Linear Control Systems Tutorials Details
EX4_MP_BE13 Microprocessor and Peripherals Details
EX4_MPA_BE17 Microprocessors and Applications Details
EX4_PBL_BE13 Project Based Learning Details
EX4_PBL_BE17 PBL Details
EX4_PCE_BE17 Principles of Communication Engineering Details
EX4_PCS_BE13 Principles of Control Systems Details
EX5_BCE_BE14 Business Communication and Ethics Details
EX5_BCOME_BE18 Business Communication & Ethics Details
EX5_DBMS_BE18 Database and Management System Details
EX5_DC_BE14 Digital Communication Details
EX5_DC_BE18 Digital Communication Details
EX5_DLIC_BE18 Design with Linear Integrated Circuits Details
EX5_DLIT_BE14 Design with Linear Integrated Circuits Details
EX5_EE_BE14 Electromagnetic Engineering Details
EX5_EE_BE18 Engineering Electromagnetics Details
EX5_EET_BE18 Engineering Electromagnetics Tutorial Details
EX5_MCA_BE18 Microcontrollers and Applications Details
EX5_MPA_BE14 Microcontrollers and Applications Details
EX5_MPRO-I_BE14 Mini Project I Details
EX5_PBL_BE14 Project Based Learning Details
EX5_SAS_BE14 Signals and Systems Details
EX6_AIPELAB_BE14 Advanced Instrumentation and Power Electronics Laboratory Details
EX6_AIS_BE14 Advanced Instrumentation Systems Details
EX6_BVLSI_BE14 Basic VLSI Design Details
EX6_CCN_BE18 Computer Communication Network Details
EX6_CO_BE14 Computer Organization Details
EX6_COA_BE18 Computer Organization and Architecture Details
EX6_DSPP_BE14 Digital Signal Processing and Processors Details
EX6_ESRTOS_BE18 Embedded System and RTOS Details
EX6_MITM_BE14 Modern Information Technology for Management Details
EX6_MPRO-II_BE14 Mini Project II Details
EX6_PBL_BE14 Project Based Learning Details
EX6_PBL_BE18 Project Based Learning Details
EX6_PE-I_BE14 Power Electronics I Details
EX6_SAS_BE18 Signals and systems Details
EX6_VLSID_BE18 VLSI Design Details
EX6_WC_BE18 Wireless Communication Details
EX7_ANT_BE19 Advance Networking Technologies Details
EX7_CCN_BE15 Computer Communication Networks Details
EX7_CSL_BE19 Cyber Security and Laws Details
EX7_DIP_BE15 Digital Image Processing Details
EX7_DSP_BE19 Digital signal processing Details
EX7_ESD_BE15 Embedded System Design Details
EX7_ICT_BE15 IC Technology Details
EX7_ISD_BE19 Instrumentation System Design Details
EX7_MIS_BE19 Management Information System Details
EX7_OFC_BE15 Optical Fiber Communication Details
EX7_OR_BE19 Operation Research Details
EX7_PE_BE19 Power Electronics Details
EX7_PE-II_BE15 Power Electronics –II Details
EX7_PROJ-I_BE15 Project I Details
EX8_AMVLSID_BE19 Analog and Mixed VLSI Design Details
EX8_ANT_BE15 Advanced Networking Technologies Details
EX8_CVD_BE15 CMOS VLSI Design Details
EX8_DIP_BE19 Digital Image Processing Details
EX8_IOT_BE19 Internet of Things Details
EX8_MC_BE15 Mobile Communication Details
EX8_MEMS_BE15 MEMS Technology Details
EX8_PROJ-II_BE15 Project-II Details
EX8_ROBOTICS_BE15 Robotics Details
FE1_AC-I_BE12 Applied Chemistry-I Details
FE1_AC-I_BE16 Applied Chemistry-I Details
FE1_AC-I_BE19 Engineering Chemistry-I Details
FE1_AM-I_BE12 Applied Mathematics-I Details
FE1_AM-I_BE16 Applied Mathematics-I Details
FE1_AM-I_BE19 Engineering Mathematics-I Details
FE1_AP-I_BE12 Applied Physics-I Details
FE1_AP-I_BE16 Applied Physics-I Details
FE1_AP-I_BE19 Engineering Physics-I Details
FE1_BEEE_BE12 Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering Details
FE1_BEEE_BE16 Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering Details
FE1_BEEE_BE19 Basic Electrical Engineering Details
FE1_BWP-I_BE12 BasicWorkshop Practice-I Details
FE1_BWP-I_BE16 BasicWorkshop Practice-I Details
FE1_BWP-I_BE19 Basic Workshop practice-I Details
FE1_EM_BE12 Engineering Mechanics Details
FE1_EM_BE16 Engineering Mechanics Details
FE1_EM_BE19 Engineering Mechanics Details
FE1_EVS_BE12 Environmental Studies Details
FE1_EVS_BE16 Environmental Studies Details
FE2_AC-II_BE12 Applied Chemistry-II Details
FE2_AC-II_BE16 Applied Chemistry-II Details
FE2_AM-II_BE12 Applied Mathematics-II Details
FE2_AM-II_BE16 Applied Mathematics-II Details
FE2_AP-II_BE12 Applied Physics-II Details
FE2_AP-II_BE16 Applied Physics-II Details
FE2_BWP-II_BE12 Basic Workshop Practice-II Details
FE2_BWP-II_BE16 Basic Workshop Practice-II Details
FE2_BWP-II_BE19 Basic Workshop Practice-II Details
FE2_C-PROG_BE19 C programming Details
FE2_CS_BE12 Communication Skills Details
FE2_CS_BE16 Communication Skills Details
FE2_EC-II_BE19 Engineering Chemistry-II Details
FE2_ED_BE12 Engineering Drawing Details
FE2_ED_BE16 Engineering Drawing Details
FE2_EDA_BE12 Engineering Drawing Autocad Details
FE2_EDA_BE16 Engineering Drawing Autocad Details
FE2_EG_BE19 Engineering Graphics Details
FE2_EGA_BE19 Engineering Graphics Autocad Details
FE2_EM-II_BE19 Engineering Mathematics-II Details
FE2_EP-II_BE19 Engineering Physics-II Details
FE2_PBL_BE16 Project Based Learning Details
FE2_PCE-I_BE19 Professional Communication and Ethics- I Details
FE2_SPA_BE12 Structured Programming Approach  Details
FE2_SPA_BE16 Structured Programming Approach  Details
IL8_EDM_BE19 Entrepreneurship Development and Management Details
IL8_EM_BE19 Environmental Management Details
IL8_PM_BE19 Project Management Details
IT1_ADMBI_ME12 Advanced Data Mining with BI Details
IT1_DSMR_ME12 Data Storage Management and Retrieval Details
IT1_EBT_ME12 E-Business Technology Details
IT1_LAB_I_CL_ME12 Laboratory I – Course Lab Details
IT1_LAB_II_EL_ME12 Laboratory II – Elective Lab Details
IT1_NDM_ME12 Network Design and Management Details
IT1_UE_ME12 Usability Engineering Details
IT2_ASA_ME12 Advanced Software Architecture Details
IT2_ESRM_ME12 Enterprise Security and Risk management Details
IT2_KM_ME12 Knowledge Management Details
IT2_LAB_III_CL_ME12 Laboratory III – Course Lab Details
IT2_LAB_IV_EL_ME12 Laboratory IV – Elective Lab Details
IT2_SC_ME12 Soft Computing Details
IT2_UC_ME12 Ubiquitous Computing Details
IT3_ADC_BE13 Analog and Digital Circuits Details
IT3_AM-III_BE13 Applied Mathematics – III Details
IT3_AM-III_BE17 Applied Mathematics III Details
IT3_DBMS_BE13 Database Management Systems Details
IT3_DBMS_BE17 Database Management System Details
IT3_DSA_BE17 Data Structures & Analysis Details
IT3_DSAA_BE13 Data Structure and Algorithm Analysis Details
IT3_JavaProg-Lab_BE17 Java Programming Lab Details
IT3_LD_BE17 Logic Design Details
IT3_OOPM_BE13 Object Oriented Programming Methodology Details
IT3_PADC_BE13 Principles of Analog and Digital Communication. Details
IT3_PBL_BE13 Project Based Learning Details
IT3_PBL_BE17 Project Based Learning Details
IT3_PC_BE17 Principle of Communications Details
IT4_AM-IV_BE13 Applied Mathematics-IV Details
IT4_AM-IV_BE17 Applied Mathematics-IV Details
IT4_AT_BE13 Automata Theory Details
IT4_AT_BE17 Automata Theory Details
IT4_CN_BE13 Computer Networks Details
IT4_CN_BE17 Computer Networks Details
IT4_COA_BE13 Computer Organization and Architecture Details
IT4_COA_BE17 Computer Organization and Architecture Details
IT4_ITC_BE13 Information Theory and Coding Details
IT4_OS_BE17 Operating Systems Details
IT4_PBL_BE13 Project Based Learning Details
IT4_PBL_BE17 Project Based Learning Details
IT4_Python-Lab_BE17 Python Lab Details
IT4_WP_BE13 Web Programming Details
IT5_ADBMS_BE14 Advanced Database Management Systems Details
IT5_ADMT_BE18 Advanced Data Management Technology Details
IT5_ADSAA_BE18 Advanced Data Structures & Analysis of Algorithms Details
IT5_BCE_BE14 Business Communication and Ethics Details
IT5_BCE_BE18 Business Communication and Ethics Details
IT5_CGVR_BE14 Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Details
IT5_CGVR_BE18 Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality Details
IT5_CNS_BE18 Cryptography & Network Security Details
IT5_ECOM-EBIZ_BE18 E-Commerce & E-Business Details
IT5_INTP_BE18 Internet Programming Details
IT5_IOT-Lab_BE18 IOT (Mini Project) Lab Details
IT5_IP_BE18 Image Processing Details
IT5_MEP_BE18 Microcontroller and Embedded Programming Details
IT5_MES_BE14 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems Details
IT5_OLAP-Lab_BE18 OLAP Lab Details
IT5_OS_BE14 Operating Systems Details
IT5_OST_BE14 Open Source Technologies Details
IT5_PBL_BE14 Project Based Learning Details
IT5_PBL_BE18 Project Based Learning Details
IT6_AIP_BE18 Advance Internet Programming Details
IT6_AIT_BE14 Advance Internet Technology Details
IT6_CCS_BE18 Cloud Computing and Services Details
IT6_DF_BE18 Digital Forensics Details
IT6_DMBI_BE14 Data Mining and BI Details
IT6_DMBI_BE18 Data Mining and Business Intelligence Details
IT6_DS_BE14 Distributed Systems Details
IT6_PBL_BE14 Project Based Learning Details
IT6_PBL_BE18 Project Based Learning Details
IT6_SA_BE18 Software Architecture Details
IT6_SE_BE14 Software Engineering Details
IT6_SEPM_BE18 Software Engineering with Project Management Details
IT6_SWS_BE14 System and Web Security Details
IT6_WN_BE18 Wireless Networks Details
IT7_AADL_BE19 Android Apps Development Lab Details
IT7_AI_BE19 Artificial Intelligence Details
IT7_CC_BE15 Cloud Computing Details
IT7_CSL_BE19 Cyber Security and Laws Details
IT7_ECOMBIZ_BE15 E-Commerce & E-Business Details
IT7_END_BE19 Enterprise Network Design Details
IT7_IP_BE15 Image Processing Details
IT7_IS_BE15 Intelligent System Details
IT7_IS_BE19 Infrastructure Security Details
IT7_MIS_BE19 Management Information System Details
IT7_PROJ-I_BE15 Project I Details
IT7_PROJ-I_BE19 Project I Details
IT7_SPM_BE15 Software Project Management Details
IT7_STQA_BE19 Software Testing and Quality Assurance Details
IT7_WT_BE15 Wireless Technology Details
IT8_BDA_BE15 Big Data Analytics Details
IT8_BDA_BE19 Big Data Analytics Details
IT8_CSM_BE15 Computer Simulation and Modelling Details
IT8_DevOpsLab_BE19 DevOps Lab Details
IT8_IOE_BE19 Internet of Everything Details
IT8_PROJ-II_BE15 Project-II Details
IT8_ROBOTICS_BE15 Robotics Details
IT8_RProgLab_BE19 R Programming Lab Details
IT8_SNMR_BE15 Storage Network Management and Retrieval Details
IT8_STQA_BE15 Software Testing & Quality Assurance Details
IT8_UID_BE19 User Interaction Design Details
ME3_AM-III_BE13 Applied Mathematics-III Details
ME3_AM-III_BE17 Applied Mathematics III Details
ME3_CAMCD_BE13 Computer Aided M/C Drawing Details
ME3_CAMD_BE17 Computer Aided Machine Drawing Details
ME3_DIRS_BE13 Database & Information Retrieval System Details
ME3_MSP-I_BE13 Machine Shop Practice-I Details
ME3_MSP-I_BE17 Machineshop Practice I Details
ME3_MT_BE17 Material Technology Details
ME3_PBL_BE13 Project Based Learning Details
ME3_PBL_BE17 PBL Details
ME3_PP-I_BE13 Production Process-I Details
ME3_PP-I_BE17 Production Process I Details
ME3_SOM_BE13 Strength of Materials Details
ME3_SOM_BE17 Strength of Materials Details
ME3_SOM_Tuts_BE13 SOM Tutorials Details
ME3_SOM_tuts_BE17 Strength of Materials - Tutorials Details
ME3_TD_BE13 Thermodynamics Details
ME3_THERMO_BE17 Thermodynamics Details
ME4_AM-IV_BE13 Applied Mathematics-IV Details
ME4_AM-IV_BE17 Applied Mathematics IV Details
ME4_DBIR_BE17 Data Base and Information Retrieval Details
ME4_FM_BE13 Fluid Mechanics Details
ME4_FM_BE17 Fluid Mechanics Details
ME4_FMTutorial_BE13 FM Tutorials Details
ME4_FM-Tuts_BE17 Fluid Mechanics Tutorials Details
ME4_IE_BE13 Industrial Electronics Details
ME4_IE_BE17 Industrial Electronics Details
ME4_KOM_BE17 Kinematics of Machinery Details
ME4_MSP-II_BE13 Machine Shop Practice-II Details
ME4_MSP-II_BE17 Machine Shop Practice II Details
ME4_MT_BE13 Material Technology Details
ME4_PBL_BE13 Project Based Learning Details
ME4_PBL_BE17 PBL Details
ME4_PP-II_BE13 Production Process-II Details
ME4_PP-II_BE17 Production Process II Details
ME4_TOM-I_BE13 Theory of Machines-I Details
ME5_BCE_BE14 Business Communication and Ethics Details
ME5_BCE_BE18 Business Communication and Ethics Details
ME5_DJF_BE18 Design of Jigs and Fixtures Details
ME5_DOM_BE18 Dynamics of Machinery Details
ME5_HT_BE14 Heat Transfer Details
ME5_HT_BE18 Heat Transfer Details
ME5_ICE_BE14 I C Engines Details
ME5_ICE_BE18 Internal Combustion Engine Details
ME5_MMAC_BE14 Mechanical Measurements and Control Details
ME5_MMC_BE18 Mechanical Measurments and Control Details
ME5_MSL_BE18 Manufacturing Science Lab Details
ME5_MSTD_BE18 Machining Sciences and Tool Design Details
ME5_PBL_BE14 Project Based Learning Details
ME5_PP-III_BE14 Production Process-III Details
ME5_PTD_BE18 Press Tool Design Details
ME5_TOM-II_BE14 Theory of Machines- II Details
ME6_FEA_BE14 Finite Element Analysis Details
ME6_FEA_BE18 Finite Element Analysis Details
ME6_IA_BE18 Industrial Automation Details
ME6_MCTRX_BE18 Mechatronics Details
ME6_MD-I_BE14 Machine Design-I Details
ME6_MD-I_BE18 Machine Design - I Details
ME6_MQE_BE14 Metrology and Quality Engineering Details
ME6_MQE_BE18 Metrology and Quality engineering Details
ME6_MT_BE14 Mechatronics Details
ME6_MV_BE14 Mechanical Vibrations Details
ME6_MVTutorial_BE14 Mechanical Vibrations Tutorials Details
ME6_PBL_BE14 Project Based Learning Details
ME6_PBL_BE18 Project Based Learning Details
ME6_RAC_BE18 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Details
ME6_ROBO_BE18 Robotics Details
ME6_TFPE_BE14 Thermal and Fluid Power Engineering Details
ME7_AE_BE19 Automobile Engineering Details
ME7_CFD_BE19 Computational Fluid Dynamics Details
ME7_CSL_BE19 Cyber Security and Laws Details
ME7_MD-II_BE15 Machine Design-II Details
ME7_MD-II_BE19 Machine Design II Details
ME7_MIS_BE19 Management Information System Details
ME7_MUS_BE15 Mechanical Utility Systems Details
ME7_OR_BE15 Operations Research Details
ME7_OR_BE19 Operation Research Details
ME7_PPC_BE15 Production Planning and Control Details
ME7_PPC_BE19 Production Planning and Control Details
ME7_PPE_BE15 Power Plant Engineering Details
ME7_PROJ-I_BE15 Project-I Details
ME8_AE_BE15 Automobile Engineering Details
ME8_DMS_BE15 Design of Mechanical Systems Details
ME8_DMS_BE19 Design of Mechanical Systems Details
ME8_IEM_BE15 Industrial Engineering and Management Details
ME8_IEM_BE19 Industrial Engineering and Management Details
ME8_PE_BE19 Power Engineering Details
ME8_PM_BE15 Project Management Details
ME8_PROJ-II_BE15 Project-II Details
ME8_RAC_BE15 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Details
ME8_RES_BE19 Renewable Energy Systems Details
ME8_RP_BE19 Rapid Prototyping Details
TE1_AHT_ME16 Advanced Heat Transfer Details
TE1_LAB_I_STS_ME16 Laboratory I - Simulation of Thermal Systems Details
TE1_LAB_II_REL_ME16 Laboratory II - Renewable Energy Lab Details
TE1_NMCT_ME16 Numerical Methods and Computational Techniques Details
TE1_RACSD_ME16 Refrigeration and Air conditioning System Design Details
TE1_USE_ME16 Utilization of Solar Energy Details
TE2_CFD_ME12 Computational Fluid Dynamics Details
TE2_CFD_ME16 Computational Fluid Dynamics Details
TE2_FCEC_ME12 Fuels, Combustion and Emission Control Details
TE2_HED_ME12 Heat Exchanger Design Details
TE2_HEPD_ME16 Heat Exchanger Design and Performance Details
TE2_LAB_III_CFD_ME12 Laboratory III - CFD Lab Details
TE2_LAB_III_CFD_ME16 Laboratory III - CFD Lab Details
TE2_LAB_IV_MVI_ME12 Laboratory IV - Measurement & Virtual Instrumentation Details
TE2_LAB_IV_MVI_ME16 Laboratory IV - Measurement & Virtual Instrumentation Lab Details
TE2_MATE_ME12 Modeling and Analysis in Thermal Engineering Details
TE2_MATE_ME16 Modelling and Analysis in Thermal Engineering Details
TE2_NCPP_ME12 Non Conventional Power Plants Details
TE2_NCPP_ME16 Non-Conventional Power Plants Details